Angela_photo_cropBackground: My academic interest is in the molecular manipulation of microorganisms to develop products that improve our lives. I am an Industrial Microbiologist with a master’s degree in Molecular Biology with Biotechnology. Within that, I focused my interest in the study of DNA and RNA, to improve features of beneficial microorganisms. During my career I have been working in the molecular identification of the microbiome through the study of bacterial DNA. I also worked in the diagnosis of pathogens in a pharmaceutical and animal health company, where I got involved in the development of molecular techniques for the identification of probiotic products.
My last year studying abroad has been an injection of motivation to continue growing and facing new challenges. Currently, in YEASTDOC, I am motivated by the use of gene expression in non-traditional yeast to find the relation and response to the environment and improve its performance in fermented beverages.

About Project 3:
Contribution of the interaction between environment and genotype to flavour and aroma

During fermentation, yeast metabolism gives rise to small volatile molecules that are important components of the flavour of fermented and distilled beverages. This project will study how external factors, for example, nitrogen levels and temperature; interact to affect expression of key genes and pathways related to flavour and aroma in beverage yeasts. The focus will be on non-traditional yeast species as, although these are of increasing importance in the beverage sector, our fundamental knowledge of these yeasts is limited.

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