Project Host Partners
1. Metabolic network and genetic basis of aroma production in Saccharomyces hybrids INRA Montpellier University of Leicester, Lallemand
2. Hybrids between S. cerevisiae x S. eubayanus to add/enhance specific flavours in beer University of Leicester Jacobs University, Heineken
3. Contribution of the interaction between environment and genotype to flavour and aroma UCC INRA, Pernod-Ricard
4. Diversity of oligopeptide transport in industrial yeasts INRA Montpellier University of Minho, Pernod-Ricard
5. Pectinolytic activities in yeast: genetic, enzymatic and metabolic diversity Jacobs University INRA, Organobalance
6. Quantitative genetics to identify the basis of beneficial traits in K. marxianus UCC University of Leicester, Lallemand
7. Quantitative genetics of food spoilage properties in Zygosaccharomyces bailii University of Leicester University of Bicocca, Organobalance
8. Enhancing organic acid tolerance in the yeasts Z. (para)bailii and K. marxianus University of Bicocca, UCC, Novamont
9. Membrane stress by accumulation of short chain fatty acids in S. cerevisiae University of Bicocca, University of Minho, ACIB
10. Utilisation of crude glycerol in S. cerevisiae-based bioprocesses Jacobs University University of Bicocca, ACIB
11.Enhancing yeast sugar transport capacity under stress conditions University of Minho UCC, Biotrend
12. Engineering plasma membrane transporters to improve organic acid production University of Minho Jacobs University, Biotrend