IMG-20180320-WA0001Background: Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Zoology and Microbiology from India, I developed scientific interest in the field of Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology. Studying abroad had always been my dream and completing a Master’s degree in Molecular Cell Biology with Bio-innovation from University College Cork felt like achieving a milestone. Further, work as a Research Assistant in Gut Microbiota and the brain–gut axis project played an important role in gaining hands on experience in various molecular techniques and also helped me to grow as a researcher.
The field of Yeast biotechnology and its potential role in the industrial sector fascinates me. I am inspired by the idea of applying various physiological, molecular and engineering principles to enhance the organic acid tolerance in two different yeast strains and further motivated by the challenge of designing and constructing novel, improved and industrially relevant yeast strains.

About Project 8:
Enhancing organic acid tolerance in the yeasts Z. (para)bailii and K. marxianus
This project explores the molecular mechanisms underpinning the ability of two very promising yeast cell factories, Z. (para)bailii and K. marxianus to counteract stresses encountered under industrial conditions. The tolerance determinants and mutations predicted to confer enhanced tolerance will be identified using physiological and molecular measurements. Synthetic biology tools will then be used to describe the networks contributing to robustness and to construct novel yeast strains with enhanced growth and performance.

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