CroppedBackground: Throughout my education, I have always shown great interest in genetic and metabolic engineering for the construction or improvement of industrial biocatalysts. During my bachelor’s studies in Biotechnology, I got involved in yeast genetic engineering research and this also became my master’s thesis topic. As a global citizen, what drives my passion for the field is the potential to decrease the environmental impact of industrial activities by establishing microbial cell factories for sustainable production of chemicals from renewable resources. As a PhD student, I look forward to deepening my knowledge on yeast biotechnology and to widening the utilization of industrial waste for yeast-based bioprocesses.

About Project 10:
Utilisation of crude glycerol in S. cerevisiae based bioprocesses
Glycerol is an attractive carbon source for S. cerevisiae based bioprocesses for a number of reasons. Although, many wild-type S. cerevisiae strains are not able to utilize glycerol efficiently, recent research at Jacobs University has demonstrated that this phenotype can be improved by rational and reverse metabolic engineering. The goal of the current project is to further improve growth of constructed strains on glycerol and to investigate their utility for heterologous protein production.

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