July 2018:

Lorena Donzella, based at the University of Minho Portugal, describes her impressions of the 1st YEASTDOC Summer School.


April 2018:

The first of our 12 ESRs started their PhDs this month. Frederik Cruyt and Carmen Becerra joined the INRA team who are based at Supagro Montpellier. They will be welcoming us on July 9th for the 1st Summer School.  20160606_084935

January 2018:

Group_2.jpgYEASTDOC partners were hosted by Heineken at the beautiful Hermitage building in Amsterdam to finalize the project’s recruitment process. Over the course of 2 days academic and industry partners  interviewed an enthusiastic and ambitious group of early career scientists.


November 2017:

YEASTDOC features alongside two other EU-funded yeast biotechnology projects in an article that highlights the relevance of this research to our modern lives. Read more…..

September 2017:

Members of the YEASTDOC Supervisory Board attended the project kick-off meeting in University College Cork on 21st September. The following day representatives from each university’s graduate studies offices met to discuss implementation of the Joint Doctoral Programme. Read more…….