Membrane transporters in the bioproduction of organic acids: state of the art and future perspectives for industrial applications

Capture_ToniAnother paper from the researchers at UMinho. This time a mini-review describing the latest research into plasma membrane transport of organic acids and the implications for industrial biotechnology. Read the full article here.

Hexose transport in Torulaspora delbrueckii: identification of Igt1, a new dual-affinity transporter

Snip_lorena pubLorena and the team at UMinho and UCC describe the characterization of a novel dual-affinity glucose transporter in Torulaspora delbrueckii. Read the full article here.


Diversity of Oligopeptide Transport in Yeast and Its Impact on Adaptation to Winemaking Conditions


Carmen has put together a nice review of oligopeptide transport in yeast, the subject of her PhD thesis. You can read the full article here.