photoBackground: Since I began my scientific career with a bachelor’s course in Biotechnology for the Innovation of Processes and Products, I have been intrigued by how microorganisms can work as really small chemical factories. I was keen on fermentation techniques and microbiology, so I continued my master’s studies in the field of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology. I accomplished my Master internship at the ENEA Research Centre in Italy, working on a project based on the development of biotechnological processes for the microbial conversion of second-generation sugars and raw glycerol to high-added-value products. As a PhD student, my interest lies in deepening my knowledge of the molecular responses of yeasts under stress conditions.
I am attracted by the huge potential of yeasts, which provide a range of valuable products and I believe that industrial biotechnology is the key to obtain new interesting yeast strains with sustainable applications. For more info about my education and experience:

About Project 11:
Enhancing yeast sugar transport capacity under stress conditions
Sugar transport rate is usually the parameter that limits yeast growth and fermentation. A very limited number of sugar transporters are characterized in the emerging industrially relevant yeasts K. marxianus and Z. bailii, and none under stress conditions. This project aims to identify putative sugar transporters (C5 and C6) in both yeasts and to establish their substrate specificity and transport capacity under stress conditions relevant for industrial production.

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