How has Covid-19 affected our research?

We are not a lab group; we are not even working in the same Institute; we are part of a European Doctoral Training program on Yeast Biotechnology (YEASTDOC; composed of 15 institutions and 12 PhD students currently spread over 6 different countries. Like everyone else, our daily routines have been changed by the Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the entirety of humanity. This blog is a compilation of thoughts, concerns and, hopefully motivational ideas from young scientists during these unprecedented times. From the struggles of home-working, to problems with accommodation and visas, this article addresses several issues being experienced by PhD students who are desperately trying to continue working on their research projects during lockdown in a foreign country, far from their family and friends.

What are our feelings about the entire pandemic situation?
What is the alternative to lab-based activities during this period of quarantine?
Hobbies collage
How do we take care of our well-being during this period?
How will scientific research change as a result of COVID-19?

We live in a society focused on “getting things done” for future success. What this situation has taught us is that maybe, we all also need time just to “BE”. We have the opportunity right here, right now, in a time of much uncertainty and hardship to try to build routines for a fruitful, but also mindful and balanced future.