Liliane Barroso_crop.jpgBackground: I have been fascinated by scientific research ever since I first had contact with it. I started my studies with a Bachelor’s in Applied Biology and later a Master’s in Applied Biochemistry, both in Portugal. During the final Bachelor project I had my first experience in laboratory research, during which my interest in yeast and its potential as a model organism started. Later, during my Master’s thesis, I studied the antioxidant activity of a natural compound also in yeast cells. During that time, I had the opportunity to develop part of the work in Bratislava, where I expanded my knowledge on techniques and improved not only professionally, but also at personal level since it was a different environment than the one I was used to.
Despite my past work experience being based on the use of yeast cells a model organism, my willingness and motivation to learn more about yeast, led me to the YEASTDOC training programme, where I want to challenge myself to learn about genetics of yeast and its uses in industry.

About Project 7:
Quantitative genetics of food spoilage properties in Zygosaccharomyces bailii
Weak acids, such as acetic acid, and high osmolarity, are important for food preservation. However, one of the most prevalent and important food spoilage yeasts, Zygosaccharomycs bailii, tends to be resistant to both. As there is variation in levels of resistance in different strains of Z. bailii, we will use quantitative genetics to discover the genes involved.

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