Carmen-PhotoBackground: My driving force to do science is to understand different aspects in the physiology of living organisms and find ways to apply this knowledge into contributions to society. This is why I decided to study a BSc in Biochemistry. During my bachelor I got interested in metabolism, microbiology and particularly in proteomics, carrying out a BSc dissertation in the structural characterization of a protein. During my MSc in Biotechnology, I gained expertise in protein characterization as part of my thesis, this time within a nutritional context. This experience gave me new perspectives in food science and how it directly bridges basic research applications and industry.
Working with yeast in the field of wine production will allow me to fulfill my early career aims: to provide some insights in yeast metabolism that can help in the development and optimization of new, genuine products. For more details about my background:

About Project 4:
Diversity of oligopeptide transport in industrial yeasts
In wine-making, nitrogen is a key nutrient affecting both fermentation kinetics and the formation of wine aroma. Grape juice is mainly composed of ammonium and amino acids, which are utilized by yeast as the main nitrogen source. Oligopeptides also represent a substantial nitrogen resource for microorganisms. This project will identify and characterize oligopeptide transporters in Saccharomyces and non-conventional yeasts and determine their impact on yeast fermentative performances.

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