F_HuffBackground: Ever since I started my scientific career my main research interest lies within the cell factory application of industrially important microorganisms. I have a bachelor’s degree in biosciences and a master’s degree in biotechnology. To date my research mostly comprised both strain improvement and biotechnological production of valuable compounds with these strains. During my bachelor’s and master’s studies I acquired practical skills in molecular biology and protein biochemistry as well as advanced knowledge in molecular genetics and microbial metabolism. Working with different industrial partners I became particularly interested in white biotechnology and in working in an applied research field for a sustainable society or with a benefit for  the public.
I am highly motivated by my new challenge to gain knowledge and experience yeasts, since I have merely worked with bacteria so far. As a PhD student, I am eager to help developing the biology and technology of industrial yeasts to improve their capacity for exploitation for commercial biotechnology. For more information about my education and skills: https://www.linkedin.com/in/Franziska-Huff/

About Project 6:
Quantitative genetics to identify the basis of beneficial traits in K. marxianus
Kluyveromyces marxianus has a number of very interesting characteristics that are relevant for beverage and cell factory applications. The first aim of this project will be to establish classical genetics as a way to breed K. marxianus strains. We will then develop a QTL approach to determine the genetic basis of traits such as thermotolerance and multi-stress tolerance.

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