December 2020

BailiiIt’s been a quiet few months with everyone back working hard at the bench after the first COVID shutdown. However, Liliane recently took the time to answer some questions about her research on Z. bailii in the December edition of the online magazine Bicocca Research. Liliane is completeing a joint PhD between the University of Leicester, UK and the University of Bicocca, Italy. Click here and then scroll down to pages 30 and 31 for the full interview.

July 2020.


This month YEASTDOC was invited along with the ITN Aromagensis to take part in a webinar on the imporatnce of industry-academia partnerships for young scientists working in yeast biotechnology. Project cordinator John Morrissey described the overall benefits of these collaborations and two of our ESRs (Lorena and Nikola) provided examples of academia- industry partnerships in action. If you missed the webinar you can view the recording here.

March 2020

Angela_science blastJust before COVID-19 changed the way we currently live and work, Angela (far left) and Lorena (far right) took part in Science Blast. This is an initiative aimed at promoting STEM to Irish junior school students (9-12 years). They spoke about yeast and fermentation, especially its importance in the bread industry. The children were able to examine yeast grown in a petri dish where the billions of cells are visible to the naked eye and single yeast cells under a microscope. Angela and Lorena also used a simple balloon experiment to demonstrate that yeast is a living thing. As the yeast cells eat the sugar in the liquid mixture they release carbon dioxide and inflate the balloon. balloons

January 2020

We are very excited and proud to have our first YEASTDOC publication. Congratulations to Lorena and the teams at UMinho and UCC. Their article, published this month in FEMS Yeast Research, provides new insights into glucose transport in the yeast T. delbrueckiiSnip_lorena pub

October 2019

Luís, Pooja, Liliane and Nikola were lucky enough to attend and be selected for oral presentations at ISSY35 in Antalya, Turkey. They were great ambassadors for YEASTDOC and after the hard work was over they caught up with Paola and John for some sightseeing. Next year’s meeting is in Vienna and YEASTDOC will be there in full force.

September 2019

Paola_researchers nightOn European Researchers’ Night this year, all of our ESRs were in Berlin attending project events. This left Paola Branduardi to fly the flag alone at the MEETmeTONIGHT event in Milan. Nevertheless she talked about Pooja and Luís’ research and afterwards chatted to the public about yeast and the circular economy.

June 2019

YEASTDOC had a busy week at the 7th conference on Physiology of Yeast and Filamentous Fungi in Milan, Italy. All of the ESRs presented their research through posters, flash posters (Angela & Luís) or talks (Lorena, Toni & Carmen). In the middle of the conference we had an event co-hosted by the ITN cluster on microbial biotechnologies for food and biochemicals. ESRs and PIs from YEASTDOC, Aromagenesis and PAcMEN were joined by a variety of guest speakers to hear about exciting funding opportunities, career paths, and research from Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. The whole event was a great chance to discuss exciting science, network with other scientists, and catch up with old friends. Well done to all of the organisers particularly YEASTDOC PI Paola Branduardi!