Mehmet_photoBackground: I am a molecular biotechnologist. I got my BSc degree in Molecular Biology & Genetics and then I completed my master studies in the field of Industrial Biotechnology at Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey. In my master studies I worked on a variety of genetically improved prokaryotes and eukaryotes for production of industrially valuable products, specifically enzymes, at both lab and pilot scale. My passion for biotechnology led me find a perfect spot to work further on applied yeast research. I am really happy to be a researcher in YEASTDOC – it will be such an enjoyable continuation of my scientific journey.

About Project 5:
Pectinolytic activities in yeast: genetic, enzymatic and metabolic diversity
Pectin consists of a complex set of polysaccharides that are broken down by pectinolytic enzymes during fruit ripening releasing the juice. In industrial fermentations, this process is supported by microbial pectinolytic enzymes. Certain non S. cerevisiae strains have been reported to display pectinolytic activities, which is of great interest in wine making and cocoa production. In this project, strains will be screened on industrially relevant substrates and the pectinolytic activities of superior yeast strains characterised in more detail.

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