About the company: Biotrend is a research-based company focused on the development, optimization, de-risking and scale-up of bioprocesses for industrial and marine biotechnology. Clients range from start-up companies without bioprocessing know-how or infrastructure to large chemical, agri-food or pulp and paper companies exploring the opportunities of industrial biotechnology and of the use of renewable raw materials, including industrial by-products, to create value.

Research interests: We run a state-of-the-art lab for bioprocess development which includes a battery of 2L fully controlled bioreactors and a pilot plant with 10L, 50L and 250L fully controlled bioreactors and downstream equipment (tangential flow filtration, centrifugation, homogenization, solvent extraction, spray drying, freeze drying, preparative chromatography). Through our network of partners, we have access to large scale fermentation facilities, up to 200,000L fermentation capacity. Strains and processes that are identified in YEASTDOC will be assessed for commercial applicability by scaling up in the pilot facilities.

Bruno_BiotrendPrimary contact:
Dr Bruno Sommer Ferreira
Chief Executive Officer
Projects: Enhancing yeast sugar transport capacity under stress conditions and Engineering plasma membrane transporters to improve organic acid production

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