I am a true European citizen and a passionate researcher. My main interest lies in yeast biology for applications in the beverage industry and the white biotechnology sector. I’m also fond of cutting edge analytical techniques and bioinformatics (MS, NGS, MFA, QTL). My Belgian roots unfolded into a strong connection with the brewing industry. Beer yeast research brought me to Porto, Portugal and Trondheim, Norway. In Porto I developed a method to assess yeast viability and in Trondheim I screened native kveik brewing yeasts for application in the industry. Now I will investigate aroma production in Saccharomyces wine hybrids. I’m very excited to deepen my knowledge in the field of oenology and stay up to date with developments in the white biotechnology sector. I’m confident that my current research will contribute to the production of superior and more sustainable wine. For more info about my education and experience:

About Project 1:
Metabolic network and genetic basis of aroma production in Saccharomyces hybrids
By incorporating phenotypic traits of their two original species, yeast hybrids exhibit a unique combination of properties and an array of fermentation products. For example, wine yeast hybrids can combine the low temperature tolerance of one parent with the profile of volatile molecules (aromas) produced by the other. This project will first aim to generate new Saccharomyces interspecies hybrids with metabolic phenotypes of interest for the wine industry. The second key point will be the identification of the metabolic network and genetic loci responsible for fermentative characters and formation of aroma and flavour by these strains.

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