About the company: Lallemand is a privately-owned Canadian company whose focus is to develop, produce and market yeasts, bacteria and other ingredients derived from those microorganisms. The range of applications of such products is today as wide as bakery, fermented beverages (wine, brewing as well as fuel ethanol industry), animal and human nutrition industries, plant care and dairy. In the 1970s, Lallemand Oenology started producing active dry yeasts for the international wine industry. Since then, wine bacteria, nutrients and protectors, specific inactivated yeasts as well as enzymes for settling, clarification and extraction were developed. Today those products, some of them patented, are essential tools to improve wine quality and guarantee a successful fermentation process.

Research Interests: Being on the vanguard and seeking innovation are part of Lallemand’s vision and the reason why the company actively engages in several collaborations with academia. After the successful project YEASTCELL (https://yeastcell.eu/), Lallemand is now part of this new European Marie-Curie project, YEASTDOC, where among many other subjects the positive contributions of new hybrids and species in wine quality will be studied.

Anne_JulienPrimary contact:
Dr Anne Ortiz-Julien
Director of R & D at Lallemand Toulouse
Projects: Metabolic network and genetic basis of aroma production in Saccharomyces hybrids and  Quantitative genetics to identify the basis of thermotolerance in K. marxianus                                  

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