About the company: NOVAMONT, an Italian industrial company, is a worldwide leader in the sector of bioplastics and is involved in the development of bioproducts such as biolubricants, biochemicals and cosmetic ingredients from renewable sources. NOVAMONT promotes an approach to the bioeconomy based on the efficient use of renewable resources and on the regeneration of local areas. It builds world-first plants based on proprietary technologies and revitalises industrial sites that are decommissioned or no longer competitive to create new industries, new products and new jobs. MATER-BI, the innovative family of bioplastics developed by NOVAMONT research, provides solutions for specific environmental problems while combining product quality and performance.

Research interests: Novamont takes part in Research, Development and Innovation projects in collaboration with leading Italian and international partners, aiming to create strategic and lasting partnerships among the research, industrial, agricultural and institutional fields. Within YEASTDOC, Novamont will assess the most stress resistant candidate strains for commercial suitability by scaling up in their pilot facilities.

Maria DaniPrimary contact:
Maria Dani
Project Leader
Project: Enhancing organic acid tolerance in the yeasts Z. (para)bailii and K. marxianus yeast sugar transport capacity under stress conditions.

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