About the company: We are a leading research and development company in the area of yeast strain development. Organobalance has been developing organisms for industrial biotechnology and for the pharmaceutical industry since 2001. We are currently working both on internal research projects and internationally on developmental projects in food, cosmetics, feed, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. In 2016, Organobalance was incorporated into Novozymes A/S.

Research Interests: Organobalance has a unique microbial culture collection whose natural diversity is mined for the development of highly effective, gentle and patentable products. In the context of YEASTDOC, our yeast strain collection will be tested for pectinolytic activities to source strains for analysis. Food-grade yeasts in the Organobalance collection will also be screened for variants that contribute to growth in food matrices.

Dr Klaus Pellengahr
Director of New Business Development
Quantitative genetics of food spoilage properties in Zygosaccharomyces bailii and Pectinolytic activities in yeast: genetic, enzymatic and metabolic diversity

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