2 bAbout the company: The BIG (Breakthrough Innovation Group) mission is to ‘Activate global scale breakthrough innovation to invent the future of conviviality’. We are searching for emerging patterns in human behaviour that suggest new platforms for disruptive products, services and experiences which we will translate into new business models.

Research Interests: Pernod Ricard is responding to its customers who are looking more and more for new, innovative products. Research in YEASTDOC aims to understand how different genes /alleles contribute to the pathways that lead to the complex aroma and flavour of fermented or distilled beverages. New yeast hybrids and process conditions that are identified will be tested at pilot scale at Pernod’s facilities, with a view to developing novel beverages.

BenoitPrimary contact:
Dr Benoit Colonna-Ceccaldi
Product Sciences Leader
Projects: Contribution of the interaction between environment and genotype to flavour and aroma and Diversity of oligopeptide transport in industrial yeasts

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